Wall papers
Allied info
2-4 Players.   War: this is the traditional 4 corners map but has lots of tech buildings & a wall defence for each base. mmx format.
2-4 Players. syes_s: my first try at map building but also has stacks of tech & a river joins each base with destroyable bridges. each base is well protected by bunkers & a wall.    mmx format.
2-4 Players.  white house:  ive tryed to copy the white-house map on the wallpapers page. but ive gone for snow this time. ive added tech buildings & bunkers but no walls. there are animals on this map that surround an ice lake.
beware of the white house         mmx format.
Mod maps.
Similar to game mods but the maps give you  completely differant game play.
All are mpr format.
quantum 2
mod map
sphere 1
mod map
sphere 7
mod map
da big x
mod map
da big x wet 'n' wild
mod map
final alert 1
mod map
final alert 2
mod map
morning fight  mod map
x factor
mod map
monkey magic
mod map
2-4 players. civillian city:  there are more buildings to garrason than ever before.
there are hotels,a farm,a baseball stadium ,buliding site,football pitch,and so much more. enjoy this one.        mmx format..
2 player. big city: this is the biggest map ive ever seen or played on. it is so big that you wont have the time to garrason all the buildings. but be sure to check out the water and take over the light house. there are many oil dericks around this big city but beware of the netural army they will hunt you down. a big thanx to my little bro marc J for creating this one.     mmx format.
Mods page
more mods
The famous prison maps:
there are 2 maps in this pack they are prison maps
2 & 3.
mmx format.
Mixed map pack: there are 3 maps in this pack. all of them are well worth having.
mmx & mpr format.